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Welcome to the street map of Göttingen

Our interactive street map allows you to find your way around Göttingen, it also invites you with aerial photos to take a virtual stroll through Göttingen. Furthermore, different layers offer interesting information about public and cultural institutions, sights as well as car parks.

Street map

Aerial photo of 2013

Historical aerial photos

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Emergency Services in the street map

Police,  Fire Brigade
Emergency Unit, Hostpitals
Poisoning Emergency Number
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Publisher: Fachdienst Bodenordnung, Vermessung und Geoinformation der Stadt Göttingen
(Department of Land Classification, Ordnance Survey and Geoinformation)
Hiroshimaplatz 1-4, 37083 Göttingen, Tel.: 0551-4002631, Fax.: 0551-4002818

Support: TopoL - Geographic information system